Sugar Baby Sharing Her Experience and Tips How to Find a Sugar Daddy

Due to the huge amount of learning debt,the small wages of part-time job are unable to maintain the high quality of life that students want. Thousands of college students in the United States are looking for ‘Sugar Daddies’ online. In other words, it is to find a job for help!

A female college student (Cherry) in her early 21s is sharing her experience as a ‘sugar baby’ how to find a sugar daddy online. She was able to get $800 for the first time with a sugar daddy date. Since then,she received various luxuries,trips across the world,access to fancy restaurant and 5-star hotel from time to time… Now, she can get $3000~$5000 per month from her sugar daddies.

‘It all started two years ago,when I couldn’t afford anything. All the freelancers I can find can’t afford the upcoming bill. I huddled at the bus stop,I remember once some female students told me,just need to find a sugar daddy on the Internet,date once or twice a week ,you can easily earn your living expenses. I searched on Google: ‘How to find a sugar daddy.’

-Cherry said 

‘I created an account on several websites. Every week or two,I would meet another potential sugar daddy. 2 months later,I found a banker,a 48-year-old man,he is very generous. When we first met,he prepared a very expensive gift for me. I dealt with my debt immediately after I dated him. On our fifth date,he gave me $1,500 a month .’ 

Since then,we have been dating from time to time,drinking coffee,eating a meal or something,and occasionally making a phone call. Of course,he also buy some luxury for me,such as LV handbags,Tiffany T bracelets and so on. But sometimes she is apprehensive,because this kind of interest relationship is not sustainable for a long time. Maybe  ‘Sugar Dadies ‘ get tired of you.

Indeed, when they get used to making a lot of money easily in this way,it will be difficult to get rid of such a life later. The more money you make,the harder it is for you to give up such a life.

So why aren’t there so many sugar babies who are willing and eager to smile at the end, especially when the bills are due? The main reason is because they struggle to find a sugar baby that suits them.

Looking for a sugar daddy isn’t easy. Even if there are many sugar daddy websites available today,successful matching can take a month or more.

Below 5 ways to help you find a sugar daddy successfully!

Create a perfect profile

You should create some accounts on several different ‘sugar daddy’ websites. Remember,in order to improve your efficiency,I recommend running several accounts simultaneously. There are 3 well-known sugar daddy sites(, , that can meets the requirements of 98% sugar babies!

At the same time,please complete your account information,describe your daily life as much as possible and your ideal type. Finally,please upload enough photos to show your charm.

Note: Please don’t waste the first impression from the sugar daddy, your photos should be carefully selected!

Outlined goals and desires

The mistake that new “sugar babies” often make is to either set the standard too low or too high. Most “sugar babies” have an average monthly income ,but no one says you need to stay within this range. Keep your account activityt and stay updated,compare with other successful files,choose a higher.

Be patient  

Sugar Daddy is defined as mature and wealthy guys,they are often busy, more meetings and work needs to be handled! So don’t try to waste their time,please be patient and wait for their reply. You need to do a careful screening because there are many scammers hidden on these sugar daddy websites,which is fatal! 

Get some training

Before the first dating, you should have a systematic training to learn as much as possible about their lifestyle, hobbies,and even emotional needs through the information of the sugar daddies. You don’t want daddies to be annoying to you on your first date.  Even a small misplaced or ill-timed quote may ruin the whole experience.

Typical date outfit

In fact, except for a very small number of sugar daddy who are single,most people actually have families. They are looking for a sugar baby to be a mutually beneficial relationship. Female college students have an absolute advantage because they are young, beautiful and energetic.

So make sure you are fascinating enough. If necessary,ask your fashion designer and beauty therapist for help.

Where can I find a sugar daddy online?

The best place to find the perfect sugar daddy is on sugar daddy dating websites. There are many free sugar daddy websites to choose  nowadays, specifically designed for this. You can choose one to register directly,the process is actually very simple,

Note: Please extra vigilant when it comes to safety,always ensure that your close friends are aware of your location and able to track it.

Fred Lauina

Fred Lauina joined the sugar dating niche in 2009 and has been in this industry for more than 14 years. He did online marketing for sugar daddy websites, customer service, product planning, and management, so he has rich experience in sugar dating. Fred knows the pros and cons of the various sugar daddy websites and also knows what the concerns of sugar babies and sugar daddies are. Fred is willing to share some experiences and tips in sugar dating to help everyone find a suitable sugar daddy sugar baby relationship as soon as possible.

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