What to Keep in Mind When Dating More Than One Sugar Daddy?

Once people enter the sugar dating bowl, either the sugar daddy or sugar baby will be likely to face the decision of whether he or she could date more than one sugar at a time. Generally speaking, for most sugar daddies, they could meet two or three sugar babies at the same time even though they might be busy with their career. But for the majority of sugar babies, especially those single girls without a stable job, they have more time to meet more sugar daddies at the same time.

Dating more than one sugar daddy or sugar baby means you have multiple choices to choose from, and that can help increase the chance of finding the perfect one. If you are considering having multiple sugar daddies at a time, below are some useful advice to help you maintaining multiple Sugar Daddies successfully.

1. Clear about your motive for having more sugar daddies

First and foremost, you should be clear about the reason why you need to have several sugar daddies. Is it about financial support? If the only sugar daddy you are dating now can’t provide full financial support for you needs, you might need to date more sugar daddies to get your financial requirements fulfilled. Or do you want to attract more attention from other successful men? Also, some sugar babies want to have multiple sugar daddies just for spending time with someone else and enjoying different sugar dating experience.

No matter what are others’ reasons behind dating more sugar daddies, the most important thing is that you should understand why you want more sugar daddy partners. Although having more sugar daddies to take care of your needs is wonderful, that also requires more responsibilities, time commitments, honesty and more.

2. Pay full attention to the one you are with now

No matter how many sugar daddies you have at the same time, you should pay your full attention to the one you are dating now. Listen to what he is talking about and give the positive response. That is a way of showing your respect to others. Don’t try to text another sugar daddy or even talk with him on the phone, which will make the person you are dating feel offended.

In one word, be engaged in the sugar dating and conversion. You full attention will make him feel appreciated and he will pay him attention on you in turn. This works both ways.

3. Organize your dating time well

Frequently cancelling dates will leave a bad impression on your sugar daddy. So please schedule your dating time carefully. If you are handling with only one sugar daddy, it can be done easily. But if you have more than one sugar partners, it might be difficult. So you need to plan things out very carefully.

After all, do your best not to cancel sugar dating because you have promised another appointment with another different man. Once is OK, but twice just annoys people. To avoid the situation where you have planned to hang out with two sugar daddies at one same time, you can write down any dates you have with people. Some additional details about each sugar daddy can also help you keep your multiple sugar relationship smooth.

4. Be honest with your sugar daddies

No matter which situation you are in, the honesty is always the best policy. That also works for having more than one sugar daddies. That doesn’t mean you should be completely open and tell your every sugar daddy that you are seeing other men at the same time. I recommend you being honest if you are asked about it.

By telling him that he isn’t the only sugar daddy in your life, you are giving him the respect he deserves and giving him the rights and freedom to decide whether he wants to continue the relationship. If he decides to end your arrangement, you don’t need to feel too sad. That is much better than being caught in a lie or constantly telling a lie to conceal the existence of other sugar daddies.

In few cases, the sugar daddy is OK with the fact that you have other partners, and he is also willing to continue your sugar relationship, or compete with them to make you happier.

Final Words

Above are some basic tips you need to keep in mind when seeing more than one sugar daddy. In addition to, you should protect yourself during having sexual intimacy with them. You need to remember that while you are only sleeping with your sugar daddy, he may be sleeping with another sugar baby. To put it in a simple way, you have backup sugar daddy, and the backup  sugar daddy may have his own backup sugar baby. So use protection all the time for your health.

This is all you have to be mindful of when considering having or actually having multiple sugar daddies. Hopefully you can get help here and enjoy a more exciting sugar dating experience. If you’re still a novice sugar baby, I suggest you read our advices for newbies sugar baby how to find a sugar daddy.

Fred Lauina

Fred Lauina joined the sugar dating niche in 2009 and has been in this industry for more than 14 years. He did online marketing for sugar daddy websites, customer service, product planning, and management, so he has rich experience in sugar dating. Fred knows the pros and cons of the various sugar daddy websites and also knows what the concerns of sugar babies and sugar daddies are. Fred is willing to share some experiences and tips in sugar dating to help everyone find a suitable sugar daddy sugar baby relationship as soon as possible.

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