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Launched in April 2010, WhatsYourPrice is a special dating website where the beautiful sugar babies get paid for their first date from wealthy and generous sugar daddy. Compared with other similar sugar baby dating sites, it can bring members a first meeting more quickly. Its primary mission is to make sugar dating more simple and rewarding for everyone.

From its foundation, WhatsYourPrice has created a better dating experience for over 3 million men and women. It not only provides women and men the easiest way, but also the safest way to date.


Users can sign up for free at WhatsYourPrice.com, and they can find many members who want to get a certain amount of money for their first date. Also, you can upgrade your profile by purchasing some credits. The available price packages are listed as following:

The membership prices of whatsyourprice.com

  • $50 to get100 credits
  • $150 to get450 credits
  • $250 to get1000 credits

Moreover, you can pay extra $50 to become a verified member. The current payment methods include MoneyGram, Credit Card, Money Order and so on.

Unique Features

On WhatYourPrice.com, you don’t need to waste time sending messages, or winks to other members, waiting for their replay, starting a chat, asking for a data in a proper atmosphere; Instead, WhatYourPrice will do the hard work for you. You just need to give your price, if a woman thinks it is a great offer and takes it, then that’s a deal between those two persons for the first date. Such unique feature can prevent many possible fake profiles and ensure your personal and financial security to some degrees. Moreover, WhatsYourPrice.com also helps you find proper matches around your location.

Final Verdict

It is quite straightforward and easy for users to sign up at WhatsYourPrice.com. During the registering process, you will need to choose whether you want to be one of “Generous” men or women, or to be “Attractive” men or women. The “Generous” members would like to spend some money for the data while the “Attractive” members are planning to find a suitable partner who is willing to pay a proper amount of money for their first date. The “Generous” men or women can send a first dating offer to the person they are interested in, and negotiate the terms. On the other hand, the “Attractive” men or women can only get paid at their first date. If they are very satisfied with the dating person, they can start dating to develop a long-term healthy relationship.

With great design and large member base, WhatsYourPrice.com makes online dating as simple as possible. It can offer you a rewarding first date with attractive people.

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